Oliver Lodge, Psychical Research and German Physicists: Heinrich Hertz and Max Planck

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2 responses to “Oliver Lodge, Psychical Research and German Physicists: Heinrich Hertz and Max Planck

  • Ben Steigmann

    I read your article “Psychical research and the origins of American psychology” with great interest, even admiration. I was just wondering if you were in process of writing an article about G Stanley Hall and Leonora Piper.

    I am engaging in some occasional commentarry on Dean Radin’s blog on these kinds of issues, and in one post, I discuss Piper, and a project I am engaging in refuting the counteradvocates on her: http://deanradin.blogspot.com/2013/04/show-me-evidence.html?commentPage=2

    I have not gotten into Hall yet though, and I feel you may be more qualified than me to do so. As you probably know, Walter Franklin Prince wrote sup some criticisms of these folks (Tanner, Hall, and others) in “The Enchanted Boundary”. Alam Gauld further refutes criticism of counter-advocates in “The Founders of Psychical Research”. I’d be interested, having read your article on Munsterberg, to see an article on Tanner and Hall from you.

    • Sommer_HPS

      Thanks very much for your feedback on my article. I have indeed started working on a paper reconstructing the Hall/Tanner-Piper episode in the context of the professionalisation of psychology in the US. W. F. Prince’s book is of course a classic, and there were also quite telling contemporary reviews of the Hall/Tanner study by Eleanor Sidgwick, Andrew Lang and (most extensively) James Hyslop. I’ll post updates regarding the article, thanks again for your kind remarks.

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