Enchanted Cambridge

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8 responses to “Enchanted Cambridge

  • Ashley Knibb

    I would really like to know more about the work of sidgwick and myers please? I already have a bit on them, but feel their work could help mine.

  • catgrimm

    All of this is truly fascinating – and for me even more so because my great grand uncle was Colonel Le Mesurier Taylor who conducted paranormal investigations at the Ballechin house-which is something I need to read more about. Thanks for posting this!

    • Sommer_HPS

      Many thanks for your comment!

      Do you happen to know if your great grand uncle is the same Colonel Le M. Taylor who wrote an article with the title “Experimental comparison between chance and thought-transference in correspondence of diagrams”, published in 1890 in the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research?

      If so, I’d be interested to hear if there might be any surviving correspondence between your great grand uncle and other researchers in England and the USA, since I’m currently working on an article about these experiments.

      • catgrimm

        Sorry for not responding sooner – summer travel got in the way. Yes that is definitely him: Colonel George Le Mesurier Taylor. Here’s what I know about his correspondence–sorry for it’s vagueness: during the 1970’s (I think) my mother, Cherry Wilder who was a fiction writer (later genre fiction) interested in all things occult contacted the Society for Psychical Research and offered to bequeath to them some letters of Great Uncle George’s she had in her possession. From what I gather they were grateful to her for her donation and made her an honorary member of the Society. So somewhere in their archives they probably have Great Uncle George’s letters–but I do not know to whom he wrote. (Would love to find out though!)

  • Sommer_HPS

    Thanks! The SPR archives are here in Cambridge, but the correspondence of your Great Uncle does not appear to be catalogued. I’ll try to find out if it’s included and let you know.

  • Sommer_HPS

    No luck, I’m afraid. I got this reply from the archivist of the SPR collection:

    “The uncatalogued material is material that has been given to SPR since 1990. Taylor’s papers would have been amongst the material transferred from London, and would have been in the section covered by my new catalogue. We do have, in the ‘Proceedings’ box for 1889-90, the original drawings analysed in Taylor’s article, but there is no correspondence with them.”

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